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Julen is a young, multifaceted artist whose goal is to inspire many by condensing his experiences and understanding of the world through film and music; two very distinctive and essential notions in his family. In that sense, his upbringing made him the rounded artist he is today and at the core of his passion lies his philosophy.

There’s a strong need to do both music and visual production. Sounds trigger images in Julen’s head, making it impossible to separate the two. His love for visual storytelling also began by listening to music, from which stories/visuals would manifest.

His venture into songwriting and performing came about whilst studying film in Vancouver, oddly enough. His experience as a musical performer started off by playing on the street and on beaches, where he’d get positive feedback from passing strangers; this gave him the confidence to pursue a career as a singer songwriter.

Julen’s music is defined by a mixture of catchy yet nostalgic melodies along with sudden bursts of rhythmic verses complemented by his percussive, finger-style guitar playing. Having such a passion for philosophy, Julen’s lyrics are a big part of the process; often times appearing to be simple but upon closer inspection, profound concepts can be found. Smart use of metaphor and at times blunt, colloquial expressions give his lyrics a quaint, “urban charm”.

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